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Auto Painting Services in Fresno

For vehicle owners, getting in an accident is not something that you plan for, and for this reason, you might not know exactly where to go for the best auto painting services in Fresno after an accident.

Similarly, if you own an older vehicle, that has seen far too much UV and sun damage, is faded, and can use a new paint job, where can you take your vehicle for professional services?

When you visit Superior Auto Body, you are going to receive the best services, from highly trained professionals.

Not only does Auto Body Fresno employ the latest techniques, and painting sprayer equipment to do the job in a timely manner, we also guarantee the best finishes, when you bring your vehicle in for painting services.

Prepping the Vehicle

Whether it is an accident, where damaged has ensued, and chips or cracks are noticed in the paint, or whether your vehicle is dated, and needs to be sanded down prior to painting, we will take these precautions before doing any painting on your vehicle.

We will remove paint chips, cracks, and sand down all surfaces being painted, to ensure we are working on a smooth plane when we are getting ready to paint your car.

Not only will this result in a smoother, finer looking finish when we paint it, it will also result in a longer lasting, shinier coat when we are through.

Matching the Color

At our Fresno auto painting shop, we also make sure to determine the perfect color match prior to doing any work on your car.

If you want a new color for your vehicle, we can offer a variety of shades, tones, and unique color options for you to choose from, when we are going to paint the vehicle for you.

If you own a car, with an obscure shade of red, or a very limited edition blue that is no longer in production, we can guarantee a match when we perform the painting services.

We have the equipment on site to mix, and we also have a very large slate of colors to work with, to guarantee to our customers the paint finishes are going to match, over all areas of the vehicle.

Whether we are painting the entire car, or simply painting a small patch where damage occurred, we will perfectly match the entire vehicle when rendering paint services.

High Quality Paint Guns

In addition to having the best sanding tools and equipment, we also use professional grade, commercial sprayers, and painting supplies, to do the work on your car.

This will result in an even coat, and will allow us to paint all layers of your vehicle evenly. It will also allow us to paint more than one coat evenly, so that you won’t notice the paint begin to fade, chip, or crack, shortly after leaving our shop.

Lastly, with the professional, commercial grade painting equipment and tools, it also allows us to complete the services in less time.

Therefore, we are going to be able to get your car back to you in less time if you are in a hurry, and need the car for work, or to take the kids to school, on a regular basis.

After an accident, we can get your car back to you in less time than our competitors, plus we guarantee you will be happy with all the paint and body work that we do when you drop your vehicle off at our shop for service.

If your car is in need of a fresh coat of paint, or if a recent accident has caused damage, and areas which need to be touched up, we can provide these services to our customers.

Not only will we complete the auto paint services in a timely fashion, we can also render additional auto body repair work as needed, if your vehicle has recently been damaged in an accident you were involved in.

No matter what color you want your vehicle painted, or why you choose to paint the car, we can perform the services for you.

We guarantee timely services, an affordable price, and guarantee your happiness with the services, when you choose our Fresno Auto Body shop for repair work.