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Why Choose Superior Auto body

Obviously, having an auto accident is not a walk in the park and it is definitely not a fun experience. It’s something that happens when you least expect it and you surely won’t be happy about it.

In fact, it can be considered one of life’s major inconveniences. After ensuring the safety of the passengers and other victims, and of course, yourself, you must consider your next priority, getting your car repaired as quickly as possible.

When choosing a car repair shop, you must always go for top quality to make sure you will be pleased by the results.

A good company, like Superior Auto Body, can make your car look literally like new at affordable prices.

After an accident, your car will have to be assessed by a professional team of repair men.

During this stage they will evaluate the overall body damage, the structural damage, the engine and systems damage and will give you a cost estimate.

Also, depending on the extent of the damage, a repair shop will give you a schedule for the repair work, so you will know exactly when your car will be fixed.

Here is a breakdown on some of the types of collision repair work that may be required after an accident:

Frame and Mechanical Damage Repair

The frame provides structural safety to any vehicle and acts like a metal skeleton that ensures integrity and durability. Usually, damage to the frame involves bending, where steel elements can be bent at various angles or torsion, where steel components are twisted along their axes.

Experts widely agree that damage to the frame is quite often irreversible and require extensive and very expensive repair work. However, recent technology advances have brought frame repair to a new level and many damages can be repaired using specialized tools.

Multiple axes hydraulic pulling systems, heavy duty power tools, locks and pulleys that can offer 360 degree work areas can work wonders even on cars that have suffered a great deal of structural damage.

Auto Body Fresno has the latest state of the art equipment available as well as a full team of specialists that can provide efficient frame damage repair, regardless of the damage inflicted.

Damage to the wheels, transmission axles, gear box, suspension system and different part of the engine are considered mechanical damage and often require precision repair work.

This is where a professional team of collision repair men is critical to ensure a good outcome.

There are specialists who deal with almost every component that has been damaged, from carburetors, to flywheels or transmission elements.

Always check for reviews and recommendations from other customers when going to a repair shop if you need fine mechanical repair work done on your vehicle.

Auto Body Repair and other Additional Services

The most common auto accident damage and collision repair done in shops involves cosmetic damage, also known as body repair.

Of course, no one wants to ride around in a car that has a crumpled hood or door, a missing front bumper or a broken windshield. These repairs are very diverse and can range from simple scratches to entire sections that need complete overhaul and painting.

Fresno Auto Body repair can deal with any collision repair and can involve different specialists to ensure an excellent result.

Also, depending on the damage, repair work can be done in a matter of hours or can last for weeks in severe cases.

For instance, repairs that don’t need a paint job can be done rather quickly and don’t require a special paint room.

On the other hand, complex repair work may require state of the art tools, special rooms and machinery that can raise costs for the owner.

Many customers may require additional services when looking for collision repair. Fixing minor dents, electrical switches, interior details, like windows, leather upholstery or dashboard buttons may prove problematic for certain shops.

Always make sure that the collision repair shop that you choose provides this services at decent costs. Also, some shops prefer to work only on small cars and may refuse repair work on motorbikes, trucks or buses.

Essentially, you should know that good, professional collision repair shops provide the whole set of services and deal with any problem in the shortest period to fully please any customer.