Services Offered by an Auto Body Shop in Fresno California

Our auto body shop is currently the best repair shop In Fresno, California. Well, not by accident, but because we value customer service, and ensure that we offer the best, different from the rest.

We therefore have a dedicated, experienced expert team of technicians, who work together to offer state of the art repairs to our customers automotive.

We believe in efficiency, and thus employ the latest technology in our services to ensure quality, efficiency, and timeliness in whatever we offer.

That makes us stand out. We offer a number of services, including

Paintless Dent Repair

Sometimes, paint repair is not always the best approach to deal with damages, especially if the damages are minor, or, if the dent did not affect the existing paint. This way, we carry out a paintless repair that will completely restore the initial body state. The process does not disturb the finish, hence less costly and much quicker. Common incidences that call for paintless dent repair include minor bumper damages, hail damage, door dings and minor creases.

Auto Glass Repair

We offer the best glass repair and replacement services. Our team will effectively carry out an analysis study to determine the best option, between repair and replacement. We get high quality windshields and other glasses from leading automotive glass manufacturers in the world, and replace the broken one in a matter of minutes. In case of small cracks, we fill in chips professionally to prevent the crack from spreading.

Auto Painting

We repaint your vehicle with high quality paint that is free from adhesion problems, peeling and wrinkling. The process is systematic, and involves preparation of the surface by cleaning using a dust extractor, stripping, priming then painting a number of coats before applying a protective finish.

Collision Repair

We fully understand what accidents can cause to vehicles. That in mind, we can fix any wrecked vehicle, irrespective of its model or make, and restore it to its initial state before collision. This is made possible by the use of the latest and cutting-edge technology in our repair equipment; as well a dedicated team of professionals that work together to ensure you leave our shop smiling.

Custom Paint

Give your vehicle a personalized look by getting a custom paint job from us. Out paints are durable, and go a long way add more protection to your vehicle. We allow our clients to choose what finish they prefer, and paint exactly as they wish, thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes in our shop. Also, we offer airbrushing, a process that gives your custom pain job an outstanding look.

Rust Repair

The most effective way of dealing with rust is not to paint it off, but to carry out a series of procedures that completely eliminate the rust in your vehicle. Because the affected area is usually weakened by the rust, we cut the affected area off, weld a fabricated steel patch; apply some corrosion protection treatments before carrying out a repaint job. That way, the rust is gone forever.

Customer Support

We value our customers more than anything else. We schedule follow ups on our customers to ensure that nothing goes astray.

Also, our dedicated customer service desk is always available to handle your queries and to provide assistance where necessary.

We are not only the best, but also the leading shop in Fresno, California. Our dedication, team work and quality services that we offer ensure complete customer satisfaction, making us different from the rest.

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